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 photo f_zps98992777.png photo LYDIA3_zps6a8c3af5.png photo 5_zpsbf4d49ec.png

✓ 18 agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
✓  19 Sleepy Hollow
✓ 30 Persona 4
✓ 10 The vampire diaries
✓  13 Teen wolf
✓ 15 The Hobbit
✓ 4 Simon Baker
✓ 5 Tomb Raider
✓ 2 Infamous
✓ 8 Heavy Rain
✓ 4 Once upon a time
✓ 11 Assassin's creed

  photo 11_zpsacc52f02.png photo 9_zps9356a9b0.png photo 14_zpsc2ada438.png photo 12_zps54617d56.png
 photo 10_zps5d98c3a9.png photo 13_zps621a13c8.png photo 5_zps51882750.png photo 1_zps6e11302e.png
 photo 3_zpsb31e1e40.png photo 2_zpsb99bfc31.png photo 4_zps14b8f6aa.png photo 16_zpse381d7f4.png
 photo 17_zpsf56aa87f.png photo a4_zps0f2a58aa.png photo a3_zpsb0978043.png photo 15_zpsb4049bd4.png
 photo a2_zps1080acf4.png photo a1_zps17bf6c24.png


  photo 21_zps19a8512e.png photo 20_zpsec44c00c.png photo 9_zps4381577d.png photo 19_zps418795af.png
 photo 17_zps7ef8750d.png photo 16_zps741509af.png photo 12_zps8aa86497.png photo 2_zps1f625a48.png
 photo 13_zpsc906930b.png photo 15_zpsf8060543.png photo 11_zps7f2f418a.png photo 18_zps61cc3c45.png
 photo 10_zps9501be91.png photo 14_zpsa908866b.png photo 7_zps9ff660e8.png photo 8_zpsdafa60ba.png
 photo 4_zps782ed3f0.png photo 3_zps6fcebb80.png photo 5_zpsbf4d49ec.png


  photo yuuu_zpsa2195b81.png photo 33_zpsd105f277.png photo 34_zpsb4aeb0cb.png photo 35_zpsbae8ddbb.png
 photo naoto_zps3daca05c.png photo nn3_zps2b5178fe.png photo nnn_zps33e8ac86.png photo nn2_zpsde16fd44.png
 photo yo_zpsacf67974.png photo yy_zpsddbee1b8.png photo yo1_zpse09000b5.png photo 32_zpsad6fc3c0.png
 photo 31_zps0d664635.png

 photo 23_zpse9e8fda0.png photo 22_zps4d8a7405.png photo chie_zpsde3a7857.png
 photo ccchie_zps129d60e9.png photo ccc_zps06d13152.png photo 30_zpsec967188.png photo 29_zpsc22d9243.png

 photo 24_zpsa13d3df2.png photo 28_zpsfbac4996.png photo 27_zpsb6c4453a.png photo 25_zps943f8ad6.png
 photo 26_zps03cfea10.png photo yuk_zps57990dc4.png photo yukiko_zps2e17715d.png photo yuki_zps09632086.png
 photo yu_zps9265153d.png photo kanji_zps6b7e3c80.png


  photo tvd_zps9ae680e6.png photo 9_zps88fecd2b.png photo 3_zps1fc018db.png photo 4_zps99488130.png
  photo 1_zpsb7210b16.png photo 2_zpsc27f7593.png photo 7_zps9f0a0e04.png photo 8_zpse5f7e28c.png
 photo 6_zps16d4e4a2.png photo 5_zpsfe5324c3.png

  photo LL_zps779ea84d.png photo LYD_zps141edc57.png photo TEEN_zps2761a948.png photo LYDIA_zps7ac15d9d.png
 photo LYDIA2_zps74ab864a.png photo LYDIA3_zps6a8c3af5.png

 photo allis_zps4c4a82ef.png photo bff_zpsa805809b.png
 photo isaac2_zpsfb5415b8.png photo isaac_zps917964e1.png photo iss_zps079de4ef.png photo is2_zps91184602.png
 photo peter_zps20bec802.png


 photo tt_zps2b690bb7.png photo kili1_zpsa5b8c150.png photo kili3_zps963a31d3.png photo kili2_zps936a5634.png
 photo kili_zpsf03f25c3.png photo fili1_zps468a996a.png photo fili_zps8be85325.png photo f_zps98992777.png
  photo k_zpse4333b48.png photo fili4_zps526ca055.png photo fili3_zps795ff3c7.png photo 7_zpsd6b80fa4.png
 photo 6_zps5876ded6.png photo 4_zpsa850a8c7.png photo 5_zps2cbcf498.png


( Once upon a time, Heavy rain, Tomb Raider,Assassin's creed, Infamous, Simon Baker )
  photo h7_zps6ffbacf9.png photo h9_zpsd578c425.png photo h3_zps87c157ee.png photo h4_zps6d0394a0.png
 photo h6_zps206d9aae.png photo h1_zpsb37384e9.png photo h2_zps4d0e4239.png photo h5_zpsa65d31b3.png
  photo hook3_zps6d8ba092.png photo hook_zpsa1d8d46c.png photo PETER_zps3588cb32.png photo hook2_zpsd8fbc948.png
  photo l5_zps66ef1963.png photo l4_zpsec3f19d4.png photo l3_zps96da4ceb.png photo lara2_zps374f2718.png
 photo lara_zpsde29507e.png photo ac9_zpse1dfab70.png photo ac2_zpseb094f06.png photo ac5_zps22979277.png
 photo ac8_zps1782e6a9.png photo ac3_zps3205d8ab.png photo ac7_zps6fd4d88f.png photo ac4_zps9875dd73.png
 photo ac_zps413d90aa.png photo ac6_zps4718366d.png photo acbf_zps89fc6b62.png photo ac_zps2c38ba47.png
 photo in2_zpsaf1df5cf.png photo in_zps05fcdbf1.png photo patrick_zps663b8990.png photo pa_zps95cd28a2.png
 photo jane_zps0b2b6389.png photo aa1_zps5eb04588.png


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