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Sep. 3rd, 2013 06:29 pm
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 photo persona1_zpsf9b5175c.gif photo tifa_zpsba6d6f02.png photo ss5_zpscbb3f03b.png
o24 persona (3 & 4)
o24 final fantasy (VII, X, XIII-3, XV)
o12 inFAMOUS second son
o24 others (tomb raider 2013, devil may cry, uncharted, beyond; two souls)

 photo persona_zps966e6ad6.gif photo persona1_zpsf9b5175c.gif photo persona2_zpsbb06b6bc.gif photo p1_zps143ad361.png
 photo p2_zps03c55eec.png photo p20_zps6074ad46.png photo p17_zpsbcb0f3de.png photo p18_zps251dfcc3.png
 photo p19_zpscb46d2aa.png photo p15_zps934c0f19.png photo p16_zpsdeae206f.png photo p12_zps418f379d.png
 photo p11_zps08649a3c.png photo p8_zps387082c1.png photo p10_zpsb9881e59.png photo p5_zpsd26ac3ac.png
 photo p4_zps3c0b8bca.png photo p7_zps4c1482e8.png photo p6_zps20941d89.png photo p9_zpsab20ef30.png
 photo p13_zps631150bc.png photo p14_zps480a0cad.png photo p3_zps35cf1181.png photo p0_zpsc72a66c5.png
final fantasy.
 photo tifa1_zps485cd8c9.png photo tifa_zpsba6d6f02.png photo tifa0_zpsceb1b5b0.png photo sette_zpsa0ae23bb.png
 photo sette0_zps31638946.png photo sette1_zps96bd3772.png photo yuna_zps24c0438d.png photo yuna0_zps1cb12a1d.png
 photo tidus2_zps40c333e7.png photo tidus1_zps30ebf15c.png photo tidus0_zps80561c70.png photo tidus_zps80f487db.png
 photo stella2_zpsefb13ce2.png photo stella0_zpse35ad1fa.png photo stella1_zps5187a4e1.png photo stella_zps0bd0f2dd.png
 photo quindici_zpsa41f6f9b.png photo xv0_zpsdfd9a6e7.png photo xv_zps41504628.png photo noct_zps9f07d9dc.png
 photo light1_zps656c16f4.png photo light_zpsaf4ac285.png photo light0_zps783bccac.png

 photo ss10_zpse47eaac5.png photo ss8_zps3dac4c6d.png photo ss9_zps5362a63e.png photo ss6_zps83976a8a.png
 photo ss7_zpsa97119e0.png photo ss5_zpscbb3f03b.png photo ss3_zps6eb49ac8.png photo ss4_zps620b3d1d.png
 photo ss0_zpsee137b58.png photo ss1_zpsf31b25ee.png photo ss2_zps591efb52.png photo ss_zps47727b70.png
 photo uncharted0_zpsd88ea31e.png photo uncharted_zpsc23fed33.png photo nate_zps528624ed.png photo nate0_zpsa9d9f891.png
 photo nate2_zpscb907eb2.png photo nate1_zpsdd5d9033.png photo elena_zps842cffad.png photo chloe_zps5079e7eb.png
 photo vergil_zps4faff628.png photo dante_zps32a024dd.png photo lady2_zps72be6e90.png photo lady_zpsbe8e7529.png
 photo lady0_zps8756aa9e.png photo lady1_zps7b7d2ef3.png photo lara_zps5598a571.png photo lara3_zps6bab7ee3.png
 photo lara0_zpscc914957.png photo lara2_zps1bd07da2.png photo lara1_zps4b154223.png photo dragonage_zps64bf816e.png
 photo dragonage0_zpsc2e5bf44.png photo bts0_zps5499e117.png photo bts_zps58dac49f.png

Date: 2013-09-03 07:37 pm (UTC)
pete_thomas: (Default)
From: [personal profile] pete_thomas
Loooooove. <3 More vieras in your FF icons plz. ;)

Thank you for these!

Date: 2013-11-11 10:10 pm (UTC)
ladynym: @ lanymphaea (Persona 3 ✖ Aki)
From: [personal profile] ladynym
love the persona ones!

Date: 2014-05-26 07:05 am (UTC)
loftarasa: (Default)
From: [personal profile] loftarasa
do you take commissions at all? because i would love to see more beyond: two souls icons - they literally don't exist anywhere else.
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