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Jun. 27th, 2013 05:29 pm
haryan: ✓ etsu_21 (final fantasy xv ☇prompto)
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 photo 2_zps95c131ff.png photo a20_zpse3dc1e27.jpg photo a2_zpsdf65269f.jpg
28 final fantasy xiii compilation (xiii, xiii-2, lightning returns)
28 final fantasy xv
o9 final fantasy xiv + agnis philosophy
o3 banners

 photo 2_zps95c131ff.png photo ff1_zps5967b591.png photo ff_zps9b75fe60.png photo ff2_zps6198d55f.png
 photo ff7_zpsd7b3abe2.png photo a29_zps832b1cd5.jpg photo ff4_zps6ce661b9.png photo ff0_zps5260ce4f.png
 photo ff5_zpsdc89fef0.png photo ff6_zps9a75be03.png photo a26_zps0d266462.jpg photo a31_zps1bd6da6e.jpg
 photo a35_zpsefdd5583.png photo a30_zps47ef9408.png photo ff3_zps25335b30.png photo ff2_zps6c366690.png
 photo ff_zpsc420638f.png photo ff0_zpsdf35a0f4.png photo ff1_zpsa781c1af.png photo ff4_zpsb7992e7d.png
 photo ff10_zpsa7c052a2.png photo ff11_zps472092ec.png photo FF12_zpsa4eec6d0.png photo ff5_zpsb4d6eae6.png
 photo ff6_zpsc8c0b8c5.png photo ff9_zpsad46575c.png photo ff8_zps110518e4.png photo ff7_zps24b84ab5.png

 photo banner_zpsc440b688.jpg

 photo ff8_zps0dfca7d9.png photo ff10_zpsc5ef3456.png photo ff13_zps29363fda.png photo ff12_zps4327fea0.png
 photo FF13_zpsb67d7911.png photo ff1_zps93a3d3e5.png photo ff2_zps8ed383a6.png photo ff4_zpsb61b9711.png
 photo a2_zpsdf65269f.jpg

 photo b0_zps3c74b699.jpg

 photo a33_zps45ef945a.jpg photo a17_zps9225af55.jpg photo a15_zps4c1ee947.jpg photo a14_zps3e3d7ff8.jpg
 photo a7_zps065b621a.jpg photo a22_zps116aede1.jpg photo a8_zps290f8941.jpg photo a26_zps9d355ee1.png
 photo a28_zps5ab8d04e.jpg photo a5_zps569131ae.png photo a6_zps7e741561.jpg photo a12_zpscab93bab.png
 photo a13_zpsfbfde11d.png photo a4_zps414ce933.png photo a3_zps6280fba9.png photo a1_zpsf909c81e.png
 photo a27_zps4a929c9f.jpg photo a24_zpsd87f2b33.jpg photo a32_zpse98a82f5.jpg photo a23_zps56cf247c.jpg
 photo a34_zps811b34df.jpg photo a21_zps83321dbb.jpg photo a25_zps30435f3c.png photo a19_zps7e76f100.png
 photo a20_zpse3dc1e27.jpg photo a11_zps99ca5472.png photo a10_zps8db25f45.jpg photo a9_zps95d96522.jpg

  photo b2_zps70acb19a.jpg
  photo b_zpsb60b6a03.jpg


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